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Compare STANDARD ICFs™ with the competition.

We believe so strongly in our product that we have made it easy for you to compare us to other brands of ICFs.

Brand X
______________________________________________ __ _____________

3-inch x 16-inch corner bracket
a Standard ICF exclusive, solid attachment


2 1/2-inch uniform wall panel thickness
strong uniform rigid design


R 26+ thermal resistance
maximum energy efficiency

5.33 square foot wall surface
both straight and corner forms
18-inch x 30-inch corner forms
an STANDARD ICF exclusive, strong and stable
Tandem re-bar saddle
make re-bar splices without tie wire
3/4-inch tongue and groove edges
strong, durable, and rigid
Innovative Stop Block and Notch system
added stability, strength, and stud alignment
1.5 lb. Net cured weight foam density
strong, high quality foam molding
1 5/8-inch x 16-inch stud flanges
continuous attachment target
Complete stud contact and alignment
no form compression, no gaps, no spaces
Four bracket straight form
rigid with excellent concrete flow
Three bracket corner form
rigid with excellent concrete flow
Strong open wall-tie brackets
rigid with excellent concrete flow
Complete 12 inch on-center stud alignment
an STANDARD ICF exclusive, easy layout
Unique ridged wall-tie bracket design
made with recycled HDPE plastic
Unique Modified Flat Wall™ design
strong, ridged, and no form racking
High quality foam molding
more fail-safe installations
Simultaneous three cavity pressure test
withstands 80 psi. of internal pressure
Wall tie bracket embedded in 4" of foam
more fail-safe concrete placement
Studs 1/2-inch below foam surface
uniform, consistent, and stable substrate
Standard, one size wall thickness
no offsets and less inventory needed
Modified Flat Wall™ design
strong with maximum energy efficiency

Improving ICF Construction!™
With the Development of the Modified Flat Wall™ System
A Standard ICF Exclusive

The Standard ICF Corporation has improved ICF Construction with the development of the Modified Flat Wall™ System. The unique patented Modified Flat Wall™ design, with its many innovative user friendly features and benefits, and high quality controlled plastic molding, is becoming readily available everywhere with a growing number of regional manufacturing facilities. These positive attributes combined together help the ICF Installation Contractor construct ICF buildings with easier, quicker, more fail-safe installations, and at lower costs; just what you want in an ICF system. We are confident you will want to use STANDARD ICFs™ again, again and again. See Features and Benefits.

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