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Opportunities & Incentives for Standard ICF Contractors and Material Suppliers

1.   Work With STANDARD ICFs™, the exclusive Modified Flat Wall™ ICF System
  • Innovative management team (since 1989)
  • Advanced, exclusive form design
  • Highest quality controlled molding
  • Most user-friendly field assembly
  • More fail-safe installations
  • Seasoned technical staff
  • Multiple manufacturing facilities
  • Direct sales distribution
  • Lowest possible price

  • 2.
    Work with a company and a management team that has a proud history and a proven track record of success and technological innovations in the ICF industry since 1989, where you can feel part of a team effort for success. A management team that believes in doing good work, making money, and having fun and that by providing our customers with high quality, user friendly, and the most innovative fail-safe ICF products we can help others achieve those same goals-our company's success is measured by your success.

    3. All printed and electronically available materials created and produced by Standard ICF Corporation are protected by U.S. Copyright laws. All customers will have permission to copy and use all printed and Internet materials for sole purposes of sale, installation, promotion, distribution, and marketing of Standard lCF Corporation products. All printed materials will also be made available at 10% above cost. All Internet materials will be available for downloading. When appropriate copies may also be made available by fax transmission and through E-mail.

    4. Standard ICF Corporation will make every possible effort to maintain our prices for one year. Our pricing calendar year runs from January 15th to January 14th of the following year. Exceptions to this may result from Force Majeur which includes the influences of war, national and world economic instability, catastrophic natural disaster, the failure of third parties, and other events that are clearly outside of our control. Regular price adjustments (up or down) will occur on January 14th of each year to correspond with changes in manufacturing costs.

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