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Pricing from Rockford, MN

STANDARD ICFs™ Direct Retail Pricing

Less Than Truckload (LTL) 26 to 698 forms
STANDARD ICFs™ Direct Wholesale Pricing
Truckload (TL) 700 to 724 forms
2 or More Truckloads (TLs) 1400 to 1448 forms

Pricing from Uxbridge, MA

STANDARD ICFs™ Direct Retail Pricing

Less Than Truckload (LTL) 26 to 698 forms
STANDARD ICFs™ Direct Wholesale Pricing
Truckload (TL) 700 to 724 forms
2 or More Truckloads (TLs) 1400 to 1448 forms

* For 90° corner forms with 3-inch corner bracket add $1.00 per form.
* For 45° corner forms add $4.00 per form.

Price Changes
Prices are subject to change and may be adjusted (up or down) on January 15th of each year to correspond with manufacturing costs. With the exception for changes that would result from the influences of war, world economic instability, and/or catastrophic natural disaster.

Price Guarantee
Standard ICF Corporation will make every possible effort to maintain our prices for one year. Our pricing calendar year runs from January 15th to January 14th of the following year. Exceptions to this may result from Force Majeur which includes the influences of war, national and world economic instability, catastrophic natural disaster, the failure of third parties, and other events that are clearly outside of our control. Regular price adjustments (up or down) will occur on January 14th of each year to correspond with changes in manufacturing costs.

Master Card, VISA, Discover, American Express or advanced payment with certified bank check. For credit card sales, add 3%. Company checks are accepted but product shipment will not occur until the check has cleared. Wire transfers are a quick and convenient method of payment. Some restrictions may apply.

See STANDARD ICF™ Pallet Load Charts for exact combinations for all TL and LTL orders.

Freight Costs

Nearest operational manufacturing facilities and Prices FOB from one of the following locations:

  • Uxbridge, Massachusetts  01569

  • Rockford, Minnesota  55373

  • Additional Manufacturing facilities are currently being planned throughout the US. All freight costs quoted in advance to a specific location & mileage, $250 minimum. Freight rates may vary with freight companies and fluctuating fuel surcharge. All additional drops are a minimum of $125 per drop and driver unloading assistance subject to additional charges.

    Under normal conditions, allow 7-14 days lead time for the delivery of all orders. Deliveries are made by covered 18-wheel, 53 ft tractor-trailer. Adequate parking and turnaround space are required at delivery location. Receiving customer is responsible for unloading all deliveries, which requires 4 people. Full size pallets are bulky and weigh 140 to 150 pounds.

    Do not expect the driver to help unload material. Any changes in the delivery schedule, additional drops, and/or driver unloading assistance
    will be subject to additional charges. See loads and packaging below.

    Defective Product
    For details, see Documenting and Reimbursement of Defective Products.

    Loads and Packaging

    TLs (2 or more truck loads) straight & 90° corner forms only:
    1400 to 1448 forms = 52 full size pallets

    TL (truck load) straight & 90° corner forms only:
    700 to 724 forms = 26 full size pallets

    TL (truckload) 45° corner forms:
    456-660 forms = 25-38 full size pallets only

    LTL (less than truck load) straight & 90° corner forms only:
    1 to 25 full size pallets

    LTL (less than truck load) 45° corner forms:
    1 to 37 full size pallets

    Full size pallet: Straight forms
    26 or 27 per pallet
    Size: 48" x 48" x 101" high
    Weight: 150 lbs

    Full size pallet: Corner forms
    28 per pallet
    Size: 48" x 48" x 96" high
    Weight: 140 lbs

    Full size pallet: 45 degree forms
    12 per pallet
    Size: 33" x 48" x 96" high
    Weight: 66 lbs

    Full size pallets can be cut in half for easy handling.
    For more information, see STANDARD ICF™ Pallet Load Charts.

    Arrange your own Freight
    See Business Practices and Notices

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