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Frequently Asked Questions

  General Interest
Residential Home and Commercial Building Owners
Contractors and Material Suppliers
Architects and Engineers

General Interest

What is a ICF and why would I want to use them for my new building project?

See www.concretehomes.com

What makes STANDARD ICFs™ different from other ICF systems, and what are the advantages that would make me choose STANDARD ICFs™ for my next building project?

STANDARD ICFs™ have an innovative patented Modified Flat Wall™ design and a unique combination of special features and benefits that offer an easy-to-use, higher quality forming system with exceptional strength and durability at a lower cost. You get a lot of bang for your buck - - all the things you would want in an ICF. And they work great! Once you have tried them we believe you would look forward to using them again, and again, and again.

See Compare STANDARD ICFs.
See Features & Benefits
See Testimonials

Where, how, and from whom can I purchase STANDARD ICFs?

You can purchase STANDARD ICFs™ directly from Standard ICF Corporation through a Standard ICF Representative (Sales).

If there is a Standard ICF Material Supplier or Contractor located near you, we will refer you to them or you can contact them directly(Sales).

If you know of a Contractor or Material Supplier in your area that you would like to do business with, ask them to contact a Standard ICF Manufacturers Representative.

If you are interested in being a Standard ICF Contractor or Material Supplier contact a Standard ICF™ Manufacturers Representative.

Residential Home & Commercial Building Owners

Can I do-it-myself or should I hire a contractor?

Building construction requires a certain amount of skill, confidence, tools, experience, and know how (construction savvy), along with assuming the responsibility for working safely and accomplishing a job well done. A good job is completed on time, on budget, and works through the problems and the challenges that occur on any building project. Building with Standard ICFs is not a difficult process,but it is more than just building with Lego™ Blocks and then calling the concrete truck.

Working Safely is the first order of business. Then it is plumb, straight, square, level, and how to keep it that way with an adequate bracing system. Knowing about layout, design, and a multitude of excepted standard building practices including properly installation of the forms, reinforcing steel, an adequate scaffolding and bracing member system,and window and door bucks etc., is just half of the work.

The other half is working with ready-mixed concrete and concrete pumping equipment. Knowing about working with different types of aggregate and mix designs, adding water verses additives, cement ratios, and maintaining slump during adverse and changing weather conditions, and coordinating the efforts of the concrete supplier and the concrete pumping service are all essential elements in the project.

Making sure everything happens as close to the way it is supposed to along with avoiding disasters before they happen is important. Finally, another key element to a successful project is keeping all the workers and subcontractors happy and under budget.

You will ultimately have to decide if you should hire a contractor or not. We can give you some advice to help you with your decision, but it is not our decision to make. We will work with any interested general construction, framing, masonry, or concrete contractor. We will also work with a do-it-yourselfer who is interested in working with and using insulating concrete forms and who will assume the responsibilities for accomplishing a job well done. It is not rocket science, but it is not 'a-walk-in-the-park' either.

See Standard ICF Contractors
See Installation Instructions
Ask a Standard ICF Representative about on-site installation instruction and technical assistance and consulting services.

How do I find a contractor?

See our list of Standard ICF Contractors. We will work with you and any contractor in your area that you select who is interested in working on your building project and using STANDARD ICFs™. Try the local yellow pages or ask a friend for a recommendation. Additionally, contractors who have experience working with other ICF systems would be a good possibility.

Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

Does Standard ICF Corporation have on-site installation instruction, technical assistance, and consulting services?

Yes! We offer on-site installation assistance, on-site training, and consulting services at $300 per day plus expenses (travel, transportation, lodging, and meals). The need and duration for such service depends solely on the needs of the customer and can be a very good investment.

Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

How much does it cost to build with STANDARD ICFs?

Building with STANDARD ICFs™ is very competitive with other wall construction systems, including wood construction, especially when heating or cooling is a factor to consider. There are many variables to consider including the building design, location, site conditions, experience of the contractor, the weather, and the many value-added benefits of building with ICFs in general. All things considered, including high quality, user-friendliness, and low cost, building with STANDARD ICFs™ are very competitive and a very good investment. All information over the phone is free. "Ask an Expert"

See Estimating.
See Job Costing.
Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

Contractors and Material Suppliers

What are the responsibilities of being a STANDARD ICF™ Installation Contractor?

Being a building contractor is about choices and execution and taking responsibility for both. Working with STANDARD ICFs™ is no different than contracting to do other types of construction work. Sure, you must know the tricks-of-the-trade to ensure a job well done, we will help you with that, but we can not hold your hand.

Construction skills and know-how are learned by seeking out the right information and training, from experience gained from working with experts, by asking questions, and when it is needed, asking for help.

Your commitment to your customer is your responsibility, it is the choice you make when you except his confidence, and take his money. We would expect installation contractors to act in the best interest of their customers and in representing the products manufactured by Standard ICF Corporation. Most importantly we would expect a contractor to conduct his business in a manner that will reflect positively on his reputation as a craftsman, and as an entrepreneur.

Ask a STANDARD ICF™ Representative for installation instruction information.
See Trailer Kit.


What are the responsibilities of a STANDARD ICF™ Material Supplier?

We expect that a material supplier to have a store front and/or a place to stock material. Having STANDARD ICFs™ on hand for those customers wanting to use ICFs in their building projects is important. As the old adage says, "you can't sell something that you don't have".

Having a safe, efficient and reliable way to deliver forms to job sites is important. To make your job easier, we have designed a trailer kit especially for that purpose. TRAILER KIT

We would also expect material suppliers to act in the best interest of their customers and in representing products manufactured by Standard ICF Corporation. Taking the initiative of becoming knowledgeable about the features, benefits, and advantages of using STANDARD ICFs™ and about the recommended installation process (the-tricks-of-the-trade). And to provide their customers with the necessary information and materials required and expected by their customers.
Ask a Standard ICF Representative

Would I have a protected relationship with Standard ICF Corporation?

Yes, (a protected and valued business relationship), but not a protected territory. Free trade laws in the United States of America forbid the restriction of trade by geographic area. However, nothing works better than a good old fashioned honest, and hard working business relationship, built over time on a foundation of respect, trust, and the spirit of friendship. We will honor our contracts and help our customers.

If you are working hard to sell our product, taking responsibility to insure professional installations in the field, and meeting your business obligations to Standard ICF Corporation, we will do everything we can to work with you. We will provide you with the quality products, accurate information, and the assistance you need and expect. We will support your business efforts in promoting the sale and the correct use of STANDARD ICFs and the other products we distribute to the construction industry. Because, if you are doing good work, making money, and having fun we are all successful.

There are no quota or time requirements, but ongoing regular sales, and high quality professional installations are the important components required to growing a mutually successful business relationship.

What is the distribution method?

We have direct Distribution of all Standard ICF™ products. This simplifies the process and keeps costs low. We will continue to make every effort to keep our dealings upfront, simple, and the costs to you as low as possible.

It is important to understand that we will not undercut our customers on price. Everyone gets treated the same. Multiple Truck loads to all other customers will be $14.95 per form, Single Truckloads will be 16.95 per form and all other less-than-truckload purchases will be $18.95/form. No Exceptions!

How do I estimate quantities and and installation costs of STANDARD ICFs™?

See Estimating
See Job Costing
Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

What are the retail prices and the value added markup for reselling STANDARD ICFs™?

All TL & LTL Direct Sales should be resold at the retail prices stated on the price sheet. All sales from your inventory (usually small quantity orders supplied to your customers) should be sold at a value-added price, which would include your warehouse, delivery, special handling, and other markup considerations.

Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

What installation information, technical assistance, and training does Standard ICF Corporation provide or offer?

We provide printed installation instructions and a graphic installation guide. The installation instructions and installation guide are available on our website as a webpage or PDF document.

We offer on-site installation instruction assistance and consulting at $300 per day plus expenses (travel, transportation, lodging, and meals).

We provide free technical assistance by phone, fax, and e-mail.

We provide a Structural Procedures Manual (a technical manual for architects and engineers) with all TL & LTL direct sales, on request only. Additional copies are also available at 10% above cost, and are available free of charge to registered architects and engineers. It will also be made available by viewing our web site and by down loading. (The Structural Procedures Manual is available by calling a manufacturer respresentative.)

We offer color promotional and technical flyers (customized with your company information or a generic version that will accommodate for your company's stamp) at 10% above our cost. We also offer color job-site signs (customized or generic) at 10% above our cost.

Ask a Standard ICF Representative.

Architects and Engineers

Is there a Structural Procedures Manual?


What about dealing with building codes and building officials?

ICF construction is becoming more readily accepted in the building construction industry and problems with codes and building officials are infrequent. When necessary we will help our customers to work through the problems of dealing with building codes and with local building officials.

Is there a Technical Data Sheet

Yes. Download the PDF.

What about fire resistance, flame spread, and fire wall and sound ratings?

We are currently having third party technical product testing evaluations completed by on all aspects of the Insulating Concrete Forms being manufactured by Standard ICF Corporation.

Is there adequate field and technical support?

We have an experienced staff of seasoned Manufacturers Representatives and Field Technicians who have worked in the ICF industry since 1989. We are not a new company. Our staff has a proud history and proven track record of successes and innovations in the ICF industry.

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